This is the best choice if you're just starting out or looking for a softer practice with more detailed instruction. This class covers basic yoga postures and alignment, modified sun salutations and yogic breathing exercises.


Gentle yoga emphasizes stretching, deep breathing and relaxation. There is minimal weight bearing on the wrists and shoulders. This is a good choice for people with injuries or illness and those looking to reduce stress. Gentle yoga is also a good choice for women in the late stages of pregnancy.


This is an alignment based vinyasa class that helps build endurance and introduces challenging postures including inversions, arm balances and deep back bends. Previous yoga experience is highly recommended.


Long held, fully supported yoga poses to encourage rejuvenation and restoration. These poses stimulate a deep parasympathetic response and are appropriate for anyone of any age wanting to unwind and sleep better.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga focuses on releasing the connective tissue that runs throughout the body, holding the body together like netting. It is a passive practice of mostly seated and supine postures held between 2 and 20 minutes. Yin is an excellent practice for athletes, experienced yogis and new yogis. Some of the benefits of yin yoga are increased flexibility and joint mobility, reduced stress and anxiety and better sleep.