Many thanks to everyone who has reached out with understanding and support for me during these difficult times.


I'm sure you are wondering about the status of your passes and memberships. The policy is laid out below.


Please take into consideration that I have arrived at this point despite my best efforts and due to events beyond my control. I have worked almost single handedly for the past few years to keep the studio going at great cost, both financial and to my personal life. During that time, unlike other yoga studios, I have honored your passes no matter how long ago they were purchased and have been lenient with extending or converting unlimited passes when life circumstances have prevented you from attending the studio. I would be grateful to have the same courtesy extended to me.



Existing Passes and Memberships


       Monthly drafts to your credit card will cease immediately.

        If you purchased your current pass between June 1, 2020 and September 30, 2020 you are eligible for a refund for the unused portion of your pass. You must request the refund no later than October 31, 2020. A refund can be issued by check (provide mailing address) or Venmo (provide Venmo name.)

        All passes purchased prior to June 1, 2020 but after January 1, 2018 will have the unused cash value of your pass credited to your account to be applied to future online classes.


No credit will be issued for passes purchased prior to January 1, 2018. Those passes will be considered expired.




Future classes will be exclusively online. The pricing structure and policies will change to reflect the new online business model. I will do my best to offer a variety of class levels and times. However, I will also be seeking additional employment and this may interfere with my ability to offer classes at times that are convenient for you. 


Thank You