Beat the Monday Blues

Finally, a reason to get out of bed on a Monday! This beginner / intermediate class includes physical asana practice designed to release any weekend indulgences, inspirational readings to help you through the work-week, and a guided meditation to prepare you for the week ahead.

Keep a beginner's mind! Great if you're just starting out or looking for a softer practice with more detailed instruction. We will cover basic yoga philosophy and postures.

Move to the next level. This is a more aerobic class that will help build endurance and introduce more challenging postures. Previous yoga experience highly recommended.
Free Meditation

No yoga mat required! Join us for a free 30 minute meditation before your lunch break. No experience required.
Warm Yoga Flow

This flowing series of detoxifying yoga postures is done in a room heated to approximately 90 degrees. Bring a towel and be ready to sweat.

Similar to a beginner class with less emphasis on strengthening poses and more stretching.

Bridge the transition from beginner to intermediate level classes, or just brush up on your basics. This class will introduce intermediate level postures at a slower pace than our more aerobic classes.
Ashtanga Inspired Flow

Includes Five As and Five Bs, a little more freedom in the middle, and the traditional finishing sequence. Not recommended for first timers or beginners.
Yin Yoga

Yin yoga focuses on connective tissues, fascia, and the major joints of the body through long passive holds of primarily seated and supine postures.
Short, Sweet, & Sweaty (donation)

A shorter and faster paced dynamic practice designed to get you breathing, loosen and warm you up and give you plenty of time for the rest of your day. Cash and checks only, pay what you can, suggested donation $6-$16. Class pass cards may not be used for this class.
Long, Hot & Hard

Are you up for a challenge? Once a month join us for this anything goes hot vinyasa flow class. The room will be heated to 90 degrees, the postures will be challenging and the music will be awesome! Definitely not for the yoga purist. If you're afraid to sweat or are easily offended this class is not for you. Bring a towel!!
All Levels

All levels welcome!
Kids Yoga

All ages welcome!
Gentle/Restorative Fusion

Blending gentle stretching, pranayama (yogic breathing) and supported poses using bolsters, blankets and other props, this class will relax and nourish both mind and body. For all levels of yoga experience.
Prenatal Yoga

Classes will include breath work, pelvic floor strengthening, visualization and relaxation, and supported poses. It is recommended that you be in your second or third trimester and have your doctor's approval before starting this program. Appropriate for all levels.
Rise and Shine Yoga

This beginner / intermediate class is a great way to begin the day.
Fun Friday Flow

This All levels fun class is designed to loosen you up and get your energy flowing for the weekend ahead.